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Come on talk to me
So you can see
What's going on
Tell me what's going on
I'll tell you, what's going on

-- What's Going On, Marvin Gaye

Newsletter archive:

  • Issue 6, May 2016
    • Updates on our 70th birthday year, new features on the website, classmate news, and our Classmate Close-up spotlighting Stephanie Wallach.
  • Issue 5, January 2016
    • Launching our 70th birthday year celebration and spotlighting our classmate Alan Frumin.
  • Issue 4, September 2015
    • Remembering our 50th reunion one year ago this month, and spotlighting how Rochellean64 came to be.
  • Issue 3, May 2015
    • Introducing a new feature, the Classmate Close-up.
  • Issue 2, February 2015
    • Classmate mini-reunions, memories, photos, and remembrances of those now gone.
  • Issue 1, November 2014
    • Our inaugural issue, keeping our class together and informed between reunions.