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Andrew Kennedy Long
October 3, 1946 - November 1, 1974

"His serious facade is penetrated by a resounding laugh"

Written by Duncan Carmichael:

I met Andy Long on the first day of our junior year at New Rochelle High School. We first saw each other while walking down the hall toward the other. I was...

(includes comments by Grace Hayes, Andy's widow)

in memoriam

Remembered by Melvin "Jay" Rosenthal:

He must have been born around 1946 like the rest of us. He died in the 1970's. He was a Marine fighter plane pilot...


in memoriam

1960's photo, provided by Ken Rought
From left to right: unknown, Melvin (Jay) Rosenthal,
Andrew K. Long, and Earl Kishida

From Jed Levine:

Being a combat A-4 driver in the late 60s was not a slice of Top Gun; the A-4 "Skyhawk" was a single seat airplane, meaning Andy was a one-man pilot, navigator, gunner and bombardier, flying combat sorties in Vietnam. Low level bombing and strafing were the types of high-risk missions that cost many aviators their lives while diplomats were arguing over the shape of the table for peace talks in Paris. It's ironic that Andy survived flying combat missions in Vietnam, only to lose his life in a training incident. Semper Fi, Marine!

Remembered by Bruce Hammer:

We were bandmates in high school. Andy was always happy to be part of the band. Tuba players happily supported those instruments who played the lead parts. He was taken from us way too soon. What a bright future he would have had.

in memoriam

Remembered by Martin Kaliski:

Andy sat right behind me in Homeroom. His morning never seemed to be complete until he beat me at arm wrestling. He was so much stronger than me that the outcome was always the same, but it was never done in a mean spirited way. I never felt bullied or intimidated, it was always done with a smile, and just a sense of jocular fun. I always liked him.

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