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Theodore David Burton
1946 - 1990

"Intent upon his destined course"

Remembered by Ken Cooper:

Ted passed away in 1990 due to cancer. This was soon after he had married his wife Cheryl and just a few months before he was to be best man at my own wedding.

After high school he attended Long Island University earning a BA and majoring in business. He subsequently worked for an number of financial firms in NYC including David Lerner. He lived in Manhattan and was a huge Yankee fan.

He had a great sense of humor. Two memories: Once, on our way back from a day at Jones Beach, we were pulled over for speeding. The officer came to the window and Ted leaned out and said, "Two cheeseburgers and a coke please." (I don't remember what happened next.) On another occasion on a Saturday night I was visiting with him in NY and as we drove through Times Square Ted purchased a couple of early editions of the Sunday Times from a street vendor. As he plopped my copy on my lap and I felt the weight of it I asked him how he ever managed to read all of it. He said, "I'll show you." While he was driving he thumbed through the sections, took out the sports and the business, and without another word tossed the rest out the window.

He also loved music, especially the Beach Boys. His favorite song of theirs was "You're So Good to Me" which was the flip side to "Sloop John B."

We often double or triple-dated (with our other close friend Pete Benario) and even if we didn't go out together we always met for "debriefing" at New Rochelle Diner. Ted invariably ordered his "go to" meal of a cheeseburger, fries, and a coke.

On prom night we took my date's family white convertible Cadillac (with the fins!) down to the Living Room club in Manhattan, and then of course out to the "New Rochelle Beach" at Jones Beach (I believe it was beach #9) for an all-nighter. We had a blast.

We managed to stay in touch, took a few vacations together in and he came out to visit me in Colorado when I was doing graduate work -- but the whole time he was there he mumbled about missing the rumble of the NYC subways. Ted was truly a New York guy.

He is survived by his sister Cathy Burton Naiman.

He was my best friend and I miss him still.

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