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Happy 70th Birthday music

Aging is not lost youth, but a new stage of opportunity and strength.
-- Betty Friedan

During 2016, most of the NRHS Class of 1964 attained the age of seventy.

There’s something special about seventy. Unlike many of the other landmark ages, there is no entitlement, privilege or obligation associated with being seventy years of age. We can already drive, drink, vote, collect Social Security, enroll in Medicare and receive senior discounts.

So what’s special? rock 70

Seventy is the milestone of reaching old age, right? It sure looked that way in 1964. Age 70 was the domain of grandparents – old folks in folding chairs, taking the sun on the sidewalk.

But not for us in 2016! skydive

Our generation has reshaped every aspect of the culture over the past seventy years, and the Year 70 milestone is the next to go. For us, Year 70 is special because it’s the gateway to the next round of life’s adventures. And we do like our adventures

Rochellean64 captured our adventures as they happened. cake

Classmates were invited to share photos of their birthday celebrations, reflections on their 70-year journey, and/or news about their next round (whether travel, second career, giving back, or just sitting back and chillin') – prose, poetry, party pictures, blogs from the road – all were welcome.

Here are their stories.

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bette ann 70
gale 70
shirley 70
linda 70
mari lynn 70
Peter J. Robinson, Jr.
peter 70
Paul Krosney
paul 70
Carl "Sandy" Behrend
sandy 70
Robert Shprintzen
robert 70
Burton Rubin
burt 70
  Marvin Robbins
marvin 70
Nicki Luca Creatore
nicki 70
Margaret Di Piazza
margaret 70
Marguerite (Marge)
Genova Venske

marge 70
Susie Rothschild
susie 70
frank 70
group birthday
billee 70
Linda Mather Johnston
linda 70
patti 70
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