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The New Rochelle High School Class of 1964

The Class of 1964 was a large class of 775 individuals (celebrations of the end of World War II). As the first class of Baby Boomers, our numbers vaulted the school system into double sessions, overlapping sessions and a building frenzy. From the day we entered kindergarten in 1951 we were the "duck and cover" kids and Polio Pioneers in grade school. Our numbers included every imaginable background and ethniciy; we were born with Silver Spoons, Steel Spoons, Wooden Spoons, and No Spoons. We were part of the destruction of segregation in our school systems and suffered pain as adult Americans on November 22, 1963. In June of 1964, diplomas in hand, we moved on.

The purpose of this Website is to enable us to reconnect, celebrate the fact that most of us have endured, and to share the thoughts and memories of those classmates whose journeys were shorter than ours. To those that are gone we dedicate this Website.

John Kelley
John J. Kelley,
Loretta Cooms
F. Loretta Coons,
Principal (former)
Carol Nielson
Carol Nielson,
Class Sponsor
Jay Sommer
Jay Sommer,
Class Sponsor


logo New Rochelle we sing to thee,
Alma Mater dear.
Cherished will our mem’ries be,
of the hours spent here.
We love to gaze across the lake,
to the Tower proudly high.
A symbol of the lives you make,
the goals for which we try.

-- New Rochelle High School Alma Mater,
Joan Ronder and Jerry Cole, '43


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With appreciation to Stylistik who hosted the first version of this site.